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How To Install Piwik on an Ubuntu 16.04 Cloud Server (DigitalOcean)

Even-though I’ve been a Web-Designer and Web-Developer for a couple of years, starting out new projects has always been challenging. Which technology stack should I use, which requirements should I tackle first and how the heck should I finish this interface?

This. Happens. Every. Single. Time. 

So I started learning from data. As misleading data driven design can be, it gives one a heck of a fast start. That’s why I analyse my personal pages as well – I want to make them better by improving gradually. But which tool should I use?  On first sight services such as Google Analytics seem like a great deal: easy to implement, easy to use as well as extensive – and above all “free“. But it does come at a heavy price – your users privacy.

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shö e-Commerce auf Österreichisch

Die österreichische Post hat in den letzten Jahren digital einiges richtig gemacht. Der Service wurde für Kunden verbessert, eine Usability-technisch zumutbare Website geschaffen und eine App für mobile Devices public gestellt, die durchaus zu empfehlen ist.

Dann hat die Post auch noch ein ziemlich ambitioniertes Projekt vorgestellt: shö Ein österreichischer online Shop, der österreichischen Unternehmen aus den Klauen von Amazon, Zalando und Ebay helfen soll. So weit, so optimistisch.

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The beginning of something new

Well, it’s happening.

Words. Appearing on my blog. I can barely believe it! It’s been 9 years since I’ve given up blogging. Back then I was an ignorant,  sleep-deprived nerd wanting to change the world through technology. I believed that the web was there for the greater good, leading to a better and open society. I do so still.

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