In our technology driven world we rarely – if ever – think back on the origins of computing, something that has changed our way of life beyond recognition. Especially if these things are so taken for granted, such as saving data on our computers, phones or watches.

That’s why Jessie Frazelle‘s post The Life of a Data Byte was so striking to me that I had to briefly write about it 🙂

This article is going to travel in time through various mediums of storage as an exercise of diving into how we have stored data through history. By no means will this include every single storage medium ever manufactured, sold, or distributed. This article is meant to be fun and informative while not being encyclopedic. Let’s get started.

Jessie Frazelle

From punch cards to magnetic tape, from rope memory to Hard Disc Drives, from NVMe to the possible future: there is no better account on the history of where bytes live. Jessie’s post is an absolute must read!

Photo by Patrick Lindenberg on Unsplash