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Upgrading Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on DigitalOcean

With Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (BionicBeaver) having been released on the 8th of August 2019, everyone using its predecessor Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (XenialXerus) stands before the annoying decision of when to upgrade. With a proven track record of upgrading screw ups (allegedly 😉), this is not a decision made lightly – especially, when End of Support (April 2021) as well as End of Life (April 2024) seem to be still quite far off.

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How To Install Piwik on an Ubuntu 16.04 Cloud Server (DigitalOcean)

Even-though I’ve been a Web-Designer and Web-Developer for a couple of years, starting out new projects has always been challenging. Which technology stack should I use, which requirements should I tackle first and how the heck should I finish this interface?

This. Happens. Every. Single. Time. 

So I started learning from data. As misleading data driven design can be, it gives one a heck of a fast start. That’s why I analyse my personal pages as well – I want to make them better by improving gradually. But which tool should I use?  On first sight services such as Google Analytics seem like a great deal: easy to implement, easy to use as well as extensive – and above all “free“. But it does come at a heavy price – your users privacy.

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