Almost to this day 14 years ago I started my journey into Web Development. To develop a social network as an utter and complete noob was quite an ambitious goal, more hopeless than achievable. Not knowing what the heck I was doing, I got by on trail by error – there was no Stack Overflow, no Udemy; only disturbingly rigid forums and a brand new Reddit. God, how I miss these times 😉

I got there eventually – but after a year of learning how to code I realised that social networks are a dead end. Meaning: I got my ass handed to me by the competition^^

Be that as it may – since these days I have been dedicated to encourage change by using technology to solve seemingly complicated problems. I have transitioned from being a developer to product owner to product manager to digital policy aficionado and back – so it goes without saying, that my code output has suffered of late…

While I have tried to keep up to date with pet projects, there is no denying that I am less a developer than ever before. Web Development has seen such rapid change over the last decade that I am starting to feel more and more like the biggest imposter that walks this planet earth.

So what to do about this? Hiding underneath a billion emails in order to avoid my own shortcomings? Learning the latest and greatest JavaScript framework for peace of mind?

No, I think not.

I want to do this the right way – so going back to the very beginnings is the only way forward. It might be slow, it might be painful; but it is also necessary.

So what am I going to do, you ask?

I will do the curriculums of the hard way: not only going through all the tasks and projects, but I will write about them in depth; explaining, discussing and criticising my own solutions so the very basics sink in properly this time. I will commit myself to think for myself – and learn code on the way 🙂

This will take time – loads of it. But there is no way around it. Ready or not, here I come.

Happy coding 🙂